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  • subearu 06/28/08 1:57 pm PST

    From Swedespeed:

    1. Ignition position I
    2. Press and hold in the reset button for the trip odometer
    3. Ignition position II. Note! Turn the key to position II within 2 seconds.
    4. Hold the reset button for the trip meter pressed in until the original value has been reset. Note! For all vehicles from the 2003 model year a general yellow lamp will light when the reset button must be released.
    5. Release the reset button for the trip odometer within 4 seconds. The instrument gives an audible signal when resetting has succeeded
    6. If the trip meter is already reset the reset button should be held in for a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 14 seconds. Note! If the reset button for the trip odometer is not released within 4 seconds, the service reminder indicator (SRI) is not reset.



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