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  • mcdawgg 01/08/13 7:48 am PST

    Please see this maintenance guide - you did not say if you have 4 or 6 cylinder, 2wd or 4wd.


    With that many miles, I'd definitely do a drain and fill on the transmission, as a drain and fill, which you said you did at 30k miles, only replaces around 30% of the total transmission oil at a time. Also, you may need to do front and rear differential oils. See the link.

  • 05highlander05 01/08/13 8:09 am PST

    6 cyl 4wd

  • mcdawgg 01/08/13 12:30 pm PST

    OK, so use the link to read what you need to do, which is more than just transmission fluid, but also differential fluids.

  • 05highlander05 01/08/13 6:20 pm PST

    It says to inspect these fluids only. Not to replace them.

  • mcdawgg 01/09/13 8:04 am PST

    Yes, but I would recommend that you replace the fluid in the differentials, especially if you are planning to keep your car for a while. Under the special circumstances, it says to replace them. You may not be towing, etc., but it is still cheap insurance! After all, the fluids have almost 90k miles on them and are over 7 years old.

  • 05highlander05 01/09/13 8:07 am PST

    I replaced the transfer case oil and differential fluid once before. The trans fluid color looks healthy. I replaced that at 30k.

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