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  • tony78 08/25/09 11:48 pm PST

    I believe that there are required inspection and replacement intervals for the timing belt,,,,

    Have you inspected and replaced the timing belt according to the maintenance schedule ?

    Symptoms ?,,, none that you could have seen or heard.

  • mcmc4 08/25/09 11:58 pm PST

    If the timing belt really did break, should I have heard some clanging or clunking when the valves and stuff got all out of alignment? All I heard was 'pop', then no acceleraton. Do I really need a new engine?

  • tony78 08/26/09 12:17 am PST

    Well' if while you were driving, you could of somehow had your ear right up against the engine,,,,

    Then,,,you might have heard the belt break followed by the high pitched squeal of bending steel.

    You have what is called an " Interference engine " .

    In an interference engine, when the timing belt breaks, the piston can and will hit an intake or exhaust valve.

    This can result in damage to the piston and to the valve,,or pistons and valves,,

    The only way to be sure,,exactly what type of damage would be to pretty much disassemble the entire engine,,measure everything,,then rebuild or replace the damaged components.

    In this case, it usually is cheaper to buy a rebuilt or new engine as an replacement.

    Between you and me,,i've never owned a car with a timing belt,,i've only owned cars with timing chains,,,and i've never had a chain ever break,,plus the chain never needs to be replaced.

    That last sentence may be some advice for your next car.

  • mcmc4 08/26/09 12:24 am PST

    Thank you!!!

  • tony78 08/26/09 12:38 am PST

    your welcome,,,sorry for your loss.

  • jmes_rod 09/16/09 9:38 am PST

    correction for timing chain.... actually timing chain is also need to be replace bec. all engine is need a maintenance including the engine that have chain. if your not going to replace it, it also produce a noise until its broken.. but the good this thing the chain can use it for a year and depends how you change the engine oil...... about this issue let the repair shop to work with this car.. and if the problem is from the belt... be care full next time ask the suplier or the repair how kilometer to change again the belt and replace by original brand.... and treat your car as your baby...


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