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  • 0patience 09/28/09 8:43 pm PST

    Engine Controls - DTC P1151 Set
    Number: 05-36-001
    Date: FEBRUARY, 2005
    Model: XG/SANTA FE 2001-2005
    2001-2005 XG OR SANTA FE P1151
    This TSB supersedes TSB # 01-36-019. This TSB information applies to the XG300/350 and Santa Fe 3.5L.
    If a 2001-2005 3.0L OR 3.5L XG/Santa Fe sets the code P1151 (the Hi-Scan Pro description is: ACCEL. P.SNSR(EMS)), check the following:
    ^ Using the Hi-Scan Pro (under the current data menu), check the APS2 (Accelerator Position Sensor # 2) voltage. The Hi-Scan Pro describes this sensor as ACCEL PSNSR(EMS)."
    ^ With no throttle input (Ignition key in the ON position and the engine not running), the APS2 voltage should be above 0.2V (typically between 0.3V and 0.9V).
    ^ With wide-open-throttle (Ignition key in the ON position and the engine not running), the APS2 voltage should be above 4.5V (typically between 4.5V and 5.0V).
    1. If the APS2 voltage does not meet the above criteria:
    A. Check the wiring and connectors related to the APS2 sensor. (See the appropriate Troubleshooting Manual for your application).
    B. If the wiring and connectors check ok, then temporarily install for diagnostic purposes an APS sensor (P/N 35357-3B011) from a vehicle that has not set P1151.
    C. If, after a short test drive, the code returns, replace the PCM.
    D. If the code does not return, replace APS sensor with new part.
    Hi-Scan Current Data Description Explanation:
    ACCEL PSNSR(EMS) = APS2, which is the main APS sensor signal. This signal goes to the PCM (EMS in the code description implies PCM).
    ACCEL P.SNSR(ETS) = APS1, which is the redundant APS sensor signal. This signal goes to the ETS Control Module/PCM.

  • raja_canada 09/30/09 10:46 am PST

    Thank you so much for you response..i really appreciate tour timely answer,

    I` ll follow as you said to check the problem,

    I`ll follow up the progress with you..

    Again thank you so much for your response.



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