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  • docj 03/23/09 8:32 pm PST

    Classic Front Wheel Hub Bearing noise.(They roar/growl when worn )
    Could be one or both.

    You need to determine which side its coming from unless its both and replace the front wheel hub bearing assembly.
    Usually you can tell by getting up to speed where its audible enough and slighly turn/jerk the wheel to one side while still going straight and see what the noise does.If you turn/jerk right and the noise goes away or lessens,its the opposite side and vice versa...now if both sides are worn ,this wont work...
    Careful doing this as you can lose control of the vehicle if jerking the wheel too much.
    Most times you can tell also with someone riding with you.The noise does tend to travel and sound on either side but with someone riding with you ,they may be able to tell if it seems more pronounced on the passenger side .

    Let me know

    Doc J


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