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  • docj 02/28/09 3:16 pm PST

    Probably going to have to take it to a qualified repair facility for diagnosis.

    The IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster) contains a season odometer and a trip odometer. Press the trip/reset switch for 1 second on the IPC in order to toggle between the season odometer and the trip odometer.

    The IPC displays the vehicle mileage and trip mileage as determined by the IPC. The IPC calculates the mileage based on the vehicle speed signal circuit from the PCM. The odometer will display ERROR if an internal IPC memory malfunction is detected or there is a class 2 communication fault. The odometer displays either miles or kilometers as requested by the activation of the English/metric button on the Driver Information Center (DIC) . The associated indicator (km or MI) illuminates.

    Doc J

  • eaglemanusa 11/12/11 12:41 am PST

    did you get it fixed?? if so what was the problem? I have the same year and car with the same problem.


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