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  • karjunkie 09/30/09 11:18 am PST

    Do the heated seat buttons light up and instantly shut off or nothing at all? If the light comes on and then shuts off after a few seconds, you may have a short in the wiring. If you get nothing at all it may just be a bad electrical connection. Get under the seat with a flashlight. Many times, the electrical connectors under the seat will partially disconnect because of the seat being moved back and forth.

  • honda4ever2 10/21/10 11:24 am PST

    I had the exact same problem...Power seat on driver side didn't work.....passenger did! Neither seat heater worked in front seats... Checked all fuses and circuit breakers,,,all good! All of a sudden it started working again. Then stopped. Come to find out if you look under the driver seat from the back seat, there is a wiring junction clip with some pretty heavy gauge wires, maybe 2 rows of 8 wires......I could see bare wire on the black,,,,assuming that is the ground and I think the one next to it was yellow, it also was showing bare wire,,,,i pushed the wires firmly into the clip and the seats started working. It appears the wires either get kicked around by kids feet or the seat moves forward and they have a little stress and pull apart???? works now....Hope this helps cause it seems that a lot of people are having this problem....


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