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  • lorea 01/28/10 12:46 pm PST

    Hi, I have an 06 trailblazer at 52k and the gas gage doesn't work. I bought it at 35,500 miles and from the get go as I pump $60 to fill it up the gas gage read E. After a few miles the gage would read full. Now, I can have a full tank and the the light is on saying it is empty. My 16 yr old son talk to a few people and said that everyone they know how owns one has the same problem or got it fixed. Thank goodness, i have an extended warranty. I love my suv but what a pain in the rear.

  • Stever@Edmunds 01/28/10 6:50 pm PST

    Check out the "GM Speedometer lawsuit filed" CarSpace discussion for info about replacement gauges and to see if you qualify for the "silent recall".

  • sammysue 01/29/10 11:18 am PST

    Thanks for responding, unfortunately my truck has 116k miles and the lawsuit only covers to 70k. I was quoted 400-500 for my mechanic to fix. My husbands Chevy silverado gas gauge stopped working also, WOW what's up with GM cars?

  • Stever@Edmunds 01/29/10 12:41 pm PST

    There are some repair suggestions and links in that discussion that may help those of you who don't otherwise qualify for the silent recall.

    And a net search will turn up some websites of people who fix the clusters cheaper than the dealer, if you can remove it yourself.

  • john_martin 03/24/13 1:37 am PST

    I have an 05 trailblazer and have the same problem. the only guage that works now is the temp guage. I have just delt with it because i just dont have the money to get it fixed. First it was the oil pressure, then the speedometer, then the gas, then the tach, then the volt. I called chevy and contacted my dealership every time something happened because i also know more than 5 other people that had the same problem and no help from gm. sorry i wasnt any help but you aren't the only one with a lemon trailblazer.


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