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  • kiawah 03/06/08 4:56 pm PST

    Can't speak specifically about an 4 runner, but I'll tell you how to handle 07 camry which may give you something to investigate.

    First, you should have all 5 tires up to pressure, don't forget the air pressure in your spare which may be your real problem.

    Secondly, there is probably a set of instructions in your owners manual, which tell you how to reset the tpms to current pressures. You get all 5 tires to a specific pressure, and then there is a little somewhat hidden button to the left side of the glove compartment when you open it, which resets the tpms. The instructions in manual, tells you specifically the steps to follow.

  • mackabee 03/06/08 7:28 pm PST

    Kiawah is correct. It's the same procedure for the 4runner
    You have to have the spare tire pressure corrected also. That
    s probably the problem. The tpms switch is on the dash left of the steering wheel.

    Source: I sell them

  • rjordan393 03/11/09 6:24 pm PST

    You can try this first: Pull the spare and test the pressure; I kid you not. I spoke to the main toyota headquarters and on my 2004 4Runner the pressure is measured by some type of radio wave to determine if its pressurized enough. When I add more air to the spare, the warning light goes out. If you had new tires put on by other then a Toyota dealer, then you may need to have the sensors adjusted on all of them or replaced.

  • tapsocal 01/20/12 6:11 pm PST

    Oh what a mind boggler that was. My husband woudl go and fill the tires with the correct tire pressure and come back and tell me the light was still on. As a woman, I would gripe, "we need to find out why", "it just can't be that way, there has to be a solution" etc... Finally he figured it, the spare tire that located in the rear of the 4 Runner needs to also be filled to specification. It is hard to get to! Now that we are no longer "us" but her and him, I miss little things like that. UGH!


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