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  • jkugler 01/24/09 10:24 pm PST

    any trailer light hook up's?

  • tony78 01/25/09 12:41 am PST

    have you checked the tail lamp bulbs to see if they are good or if they are blown ?

    its possible that this has been happening for a while and those bulbs have already blown out and the cab brake lamp will be next,,then you won't have any brake lights.

    if this is indeed the case i would suspect that the problem is with the brake lamp switch it self,,the switch is either defective or it is jammed in the on position.

    you should use a continuity meter to check the bulbs and a test light to check for voltage at the tail lamp socket.

    check this stuff first,,let us know what you find.

  • matt300 01/25/09 12:46 am PST

    check/replace brake light switch.


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