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  • dellett 04/23/13 1:31 am PST

    Look into replacing your shock/strut assembly. Get a good mechanic and request upgraded/sport suspension parts. They are usually stiffer and offer higher ride heights. The only vehicles that have actual adjustments for ride heights in the 80's are trucks and caddilacs with air bags.

  • texases 04/23/13 7:05 am PST

    This is NOT shock/strut related. Your springs are sagging. If you have coil springs they need to be replaced. Your 911 might have torsion bars which can be adjusted. Take it to a 911 shop and have it gone over. Don't drive it if there's any significant rubbing, you tire could blow out.

  • texases 04/23/13 9:41 am PST

    Here's an excellent description of your 911's suspension (it's for an '85, but pretty much identical to your '84). Note the adjustable torsion bar front suspension. You need this adjusted, along with a thorough inspection of the suspension, both front and rear, to make sure nothing else is wrong with it.



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