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  • fixitdaddy1 11/09/10 9:35 am PST

    It possibly could be electrical; meaning, that the distributor, is not allowing "ignition" or spark, in order for the engine to start. Just had this happen on my 1994 Honda Civic LX; all of a sudden, my engine, just cut-out, and quit running, while I was moving in the stream, of traffic. Threw it into "neutral" and coasted into a right-turn, and into a parking space. I didn't have any symptoms (of not starting--and waiting a period of time, and restarting. Also, had diagnostics performed, in order, to confirm, that my distributor, failed. This just happened, yesterday, 11-08-10, about 2:20-2:30 pm, Arizona time. Hope, this helps!

    PS--It could also be your fuel filter, if it hasn't been changed, in 15 to 30,000 miles; symptoms, are usually, hesitating upon accelerating, or bogging down until speed builds-up, and you have a constant feed of fuel pressure.

  • alex222 10/28/12 10:53 am PST

    Hi.I had the sameproblem on a civic and also replaced the fuel pump. The problem was the MAIN RELAY. On a 1994 civic is above the fuse box on the drivers side wall left of the pedals. I think on a Accord is on the right side. E-bay has them for $30.

  • alex222 10/28/12 11:03 am PST

    Just replace the main relay like I said and that is the fix, Good luck. By the kick panel

  • alex222 10/30/12 11:45 am PST

    It is your main relay> on Civics is on the drivers kick panel by the fuse box. I think on Honda Accord is on the right pasenger kick panel. I am sure that is your problem. I had that problem on a civic. It would shut down so I would close the drivers door hard and the car would start again. When your car shuts down try hitting the kick panel hard and see if start. Good luck.

  • ybennett 04/17/13 1:05 pm PST

    i have a 1994 Honda Accord 4 cycl and sometimes it will crank and sometimes it want


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