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  • morin2 10/26/11 7:55 pm PST

    Its either coming in from above or thrown up by the rear wheels through perforations or a missing plastic body plug in the trunk. Has it ever been hit in the rear?

    The standard approach to trunk leaks is to experiment with a hose. Get it dry, then spray from above, simulating rain. If that doesn't work, put a battery powered lantern or several flashlights turned on - in the trunk and crawl under it when dark (similar to finding leaks in fishing waders).

  • yurnvs 10/26/11 8:14 pm PST

    It leaks when it is not moving. As far as I know, it has never been hit.

  • morin2 10/26/11 8:24 pm PST

    ok, that suggests its coming in from above. Start with the hose at the lowest point first - the lower edge of the trunk lid, then around the tail lights, then the sides, and finally the top of the trunk. If you start at the top, the water will flow to the lowest point and you won't be able to determine exactly where its coming in. Good luck.

  • yurnvs 10/27/11 9:58 am PST

    I'll try these things. Thank you for your response.


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