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  • 0patience 10/09/11 6:30 pm PST

    Are you saying it will not crank, as in the engine is not turning over or that it will not fire, as it isn't wanting to start.
    Big difference in the 2 and what is being said.
    Let us know.
    Use the Answer this Question butoon to reply.

  • cathy29 10/10/11 9:28 am PST

    it will not start. we have made sure it is getting gs to the injectors but evev with the new coil pack we have checked with a test light and we do not see that it is firing.

  • 0patience 10/10/11 5:59 pm PST

    Be sure you are getting fuel. Use a fuel pressure gauge to check it and let us know what the pressure is that you are getting.

    Use a spark checker on the spark plug wires to confirm that you are or are not getting spark. Then let us know what you find.


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