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  • bowfan 04/03/09 5:39 pm PST

    The fuel sender unit needs to be replaced. Expensive at the dealer, but cheap for the DIY'er. Assuming you are a DIY'er since you posed the question here, you can get the details by searching Youtube for fuel sender replacement. There are a number of people who have videos with the details. You basically have to pull your spare tire and carpeting from your trunk, and be limber enough to climb in the trunk and remove the combo fuel pump / sender from your fuel tank and swap out the sender unit. I'll attach a link of someone else's Youtube video who has the details, including the part number you need from GM. Less than $50 ?

    Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7cY_IPC

  • purrrybobcat 10/29/10 12:13 am PST

    Hi there, your post is the second times I ran across on fuel gage needle out of wrack. I have '98 buick park ave. did the same thing when the fuel tank was 1/4 full. my wife told me what happen to the fuel gage, told me is not working properly. when I saw the situation, the needle was below the empty peg post, just sitting there. when I starts the engine it wants to move up but the peg post blocks it. Somehow the needle must have deflected over the peg post after the tank filled up that night. This also must had happened with the previous owner since I bought this car used with 86,000K. There is small drilled hole on the plastic shield directly front of the empty peg post area. I used a paper clip, bent the end slightly to move the needle over the empty peg post. It works fine as long as you don't top up your fuel tank. this may also causes the needle stay at full (not really stuck there). There generally half - to a gallon gas at the full side if you top-off your tank. You should not attempt to add any more gas once the fuel nozzle click or gas stops pumping. I hope this bit help. purrrbobcat


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