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  • karjunkie 10/28/08 1:03 pm PST

    This code indicates that a part of the EVAP system is no longer fuctioning correctly. The EVAP system consists of many parts, including (but not limited to) the gas cap, fuel lines, carbon canister, purge valve, and other hoses. The (EVAP) emission control system prevents the escape of fuel vapors from a vehicle's fuel system. Fuel vapors are routed by hoses to a charcoal canister for storage. Later, when the engine is running a purge valve opens allowing intake vacuum to siphon the fuel vapors into the engine. You alraeady checked the hoses and the gas cap, so now you need to check for a clogged purge valve or carbon cannister. 90% of the time it is the purge valve that gets clogged. As to the second problem, if you have the oil at the proper level, it is most likely you have a malfunctioning oil pressure sending unit. This is usually screwed into the oil pan or the engine casing near the front of the car. It's very rare that the oil pump fails unless you ran it dry at some point.

  • bondobudie54 10/28/08 2:19 pm PST

    Thank you for the info, and were is the purge valve located. Thanks again Everett

  • karjunkie 10/28/08 4:28 pm PST

    It should be between the charcoal cannister and the intake manifold. For the precise location, you would need to look in the repair or service manual for that specific vehicle. However, you should be able to trace it from a hose running from the cannister.


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