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  • karjunkie 07/01/10 3:16 pm PST


    1. Recover the A/C refrigerant system following the recommended procedure. Observe all safety precautions.
    2. Drain and save the radiator coolant.
    3. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
    4. Disconnect and remove the constant control relay module.
    5. Disconnect and remove the fan and the shroud assembly.
    6. Disconnect the upper and the lower radiator hoses.
    7. Remove the radiator.
    8. Disconnect the A/C compressor clutch wire at the clutch field coil connector on the A/C compressor.
    9. Remove the top two A/C compressor mounting bolts.
    10. Raise the vehicle on a hoist.
    11. From underneath the vehicle, loosen and remove the accessory drive belt.
    12. Disconnect the Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) wire connector.
    13. Remove the A/C muffler supporting strap bolt from the subframe.
    14. Disconnect the A/C manifold and tube from the inlet tube of the A/C condenser core and the outlet tube of the suction accumulator/drier using the spring lock coupling tool or equivalent. CAUTION: Immediately install protective caps on open lines.
    15. Ensure the A/C compressor is properly supported as the bolts are removed. Remove the bottom two A/C compressor mounting bolts.
    16. Remove the A/C compressor and the A/C manifold and tube assemblies from the vehicle as a unit. Remove the assembly from the bottom, using care not to scrape it against the the A/C condenser core.
    17. Remove the A/C manifold and tube from the A/C compressor.
    18. If the old A/C compressor is to be replaced with a new one, remove the A/C clutch and the field coil assembly.

  • annaj1 07/11/10 2:21 pm PST

    I took the car to a work shop. They slightly lifted the power steering pump and they could take and replace the compressor. Thanks to Mr. karjunkie for responding.


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