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  • chevy_4x4 10/02/13 9:26 pm PST

    Please clarify. does the motor crank and not start or does it not crank over. If it will not crank over: check your battry charge, check the connections on the starter and starter solenoid. should not crank over unless truck is in park or nuetral ie: nuetral safety switch.

  • 2000dodgeram 10/02/13 9:37 pm PST

    it does not crank at all had to get a adapter kit for the neutral safety switch the instructions
    said to change the LEVER. Throttle Valve inside the trans so I switched from the old trans
    to the new trans.
    I went under the truck, loosened the adjuster on the shift linkage and manually shifted on the transmission and it moves 5 clicks and the Old tranny shifts 6 clicks between gears.
    Bought a new battery and new starter


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