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  • texases 02/11/13 6:17 pm PST

    Do the revs stay high when you let off the gas? If they drop, it could be a worn clutch, which would also smoke.

  • wendy49 02/11/13 8:01 pm PST

    honda has some water controled and electric idle valves start with them first they always have that problem they will rev the engine up and down i allso seen a bad brake booster suck the brake fluid into the intake manifold and make engine smoke and rev up also check all cables with engine off make sure nothing is sticking also check your clutch pull emergency brake put car in first gear with engine running give it a little gas and gently let up clutch if car stalls out it is good if not it could be slipping and may cause smoke it will smell like brakes burning

  • Stever@Edmunds 02/12/13 8:45 am PST

    You can reply in this thread by clicking the Answer this Question button and that will help keep all the information in one spot. Thanks!


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