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  • willis3 06/27/08 10:10 am PST

    Have you checked all of your brake light bulbs? Replace the bulb that is bad and I think your problem will be solved.

  • docj 06/27/08 7:13 pm PST

    Another thing to check..
    There is a low fluid level sensor in the master cylinder.
    The float may be stuck down even if the fluid is at the proper level..( I assume the fluid is at the proper level)
    Take a look in the master and see..you can tap on the side of the reservoir and it should float back up if its stuck.
    May have a faulty sensor as well.
    Another thing ..it could be the switch for the parking brake as well...both will turn on the same warning light.
    Still another ..it could be a hydraulic problem..I.E. master cylinder ,brake hose,lines,calipers etc...
    Did you happen to open the system at all? open a bleeder?
    If so,there is air in the system that will need to be bleed.

    Just some thoughts

    Doc J

  • hondamaster214 06/24/09 4:15 pm PST

    I realize this is an old question, but I found this forum on accident and wanted to reply in case anybody else has this same problem. This is a very common issue on the 1998-2002 Accords.

    I am assuming the light is usually on in the morning (or cold start) and goes out after a bit. Remove the cap, slide the float up toward the cap and see if the light goes out. If this is the case, replace the reservoir screen inside the brake master cylinder. We sell the part at my dealership for about $7. Simply pull the old screen out and drop the new screen in. Voila!

    What causes this? Brake fluid naturally absorbs moisture (and should be flushed every three years, or when moisture is visibly present). This moisture turns into a green-looking goop that clogs the screen. With the screen clogged, the fluid stays low inside (above) the screen, and the sensor thinks you are low on fluid. Replacing the screen will allow the fluid to return through it; in turn, lifting the float back up.

    Hope this helps.


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