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  • zaken1 07/14/10 1:25 am PST

    There are two errors in the information you posted; which will make it difficult for most people to answer your question. First of all, Bank 1 does not refer to fuses. Bank 1 is one of the two cylinder banks on the motor. On the Camry V-6; Bank 1 is the cylinder bank on the side of the motor which is closest to the radiator (in the front of the car). Sensor 1 refers to an oxygen sensor in the exhaust system. The oxygen sensors are numbered with sensor 1 being the one closest to the engine (it can be either in the exhaust manifold, or in the exhaust pipe connected to the manifold for bank 1, somewhere between the manifold and the catalytic converter). Sensor 2 and sensor 3 are each further down the exhaust pipe toward the rear of the car.

    The second error is that the code for Bank 1, Sensor 1 is not P1135; it is P0135. This code refers to a faulty heater element in that oxygen sensor. This is a common problem with oxygen sensors: It usually means that the heating element in that sensor has burned out, and then gone open. This also has nothing to do with fuses; the way to correct this problem is to buy and install a new oxygen sensor in that sensor position. After replacing the sensor; if the check engine light does not go out; the code will have to be cleared from the computer with a code scanner.

  • dombre 07/14/10 9:52 pm PST

    From what I gathered on the P1135 is that it is a O2 Sensor. I was told it might be a relay and or fuse that could be blown cause my heater/fan on the car doesn't work unless I have it on high. I know these sound like two different problems but was told that is could be related if they are on the same circut. Not sure if this helps but below is what the P1135 on my car means. Please advise.

    Air/Fuel Sensor Heater Circuit Response. (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

  • zaken1 07/15/10 12:32 am PST

    There is an electric heater built in the oxygen sensor and the air fuel ratio sensor; which is totally separate from the blower fan that circulates heated air through the vehicle. The air fuel ratio sensor and oxygen sensors screw into the exhaust pipe. Their electrical supply is almost certainly separate from the electrical supply for the heater blower fan. Besides; the blower fan circuit uses a switch to send the power through different size resistors; which are used to control the fan speed. But ALL the different blower speed resistors get their power through the same fuse. So, first of all; if any blower speed works, then the fuse has to be good. Secondly, If you haven't found the oxygen sensors or air fuel ratio sensors everywhere you've looked; then you're looking in the wrong places. They should be on any complete wiring diagram for that vehicle. Try (http://www.eautorepair.net/Marketing/De
    ) and sign up for their $9.95 one week data access for your vehicle model. This will give you access to every electrical diagram and all the service information that has been published for this car.


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