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  • bpeebles 01/07/10 9:12 pm PST

    You may have 1 of several possible sceneraos here.

    First of all, it is normal for the antifreeze to drop a bit when engine is cold (lite comes on) and then expand when engine heats up (lite goes off). This is easilly fixed by adding about a cup of antifreeze to the resivour so the lite does not come on in the cold. I am assuming this is NOT what you are talking about.

    I also must assume that you have the proper VW-specified G12 antifreeze in your engine (PINK color) Mixing in ANY other type of antifreeze can create a 'gell' which can clog coolant-passagways. The side of the coolant-resivour specifically says "G12" on it for this reason.

    You need to check if you have the dreaded "Coolant Migration Problem" ( http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_

    Also, I beleive your engine has the watercooled EGR. This means the antifreeze runs thru the EGR pipe alongside the exhaust. It is possible for coolant to leak into exhaust.

    I hope the above helps you.

    Source: Personal experience

  • torinofastback 01/12/10 8:29 pm PST

    It doesn't make sence for it to use coolant in winter and not summer A leak is A leak the other guy is right about egr but only on turbo deisel model. The 1.8 and 2.0 eng have coolant lines on the throttle body but I have never seen one leak you need to get it presure checked the most commond place for it to leak is coolant flange at the end of head I have replaced many of them.The heater core is another place for leaks the top of it is made of plastic just like the coolant flange at end of head. You can remove eng cover from the top by popping the two caps off the cover and removing the two 10 mm nuts pull dip stick out lift cover and pull tords frt of car you don't have to remove the rear nut it slides in and out.With cover off look around at hoses the coolant flange on head it will be on drivers side of motor it will have multipule hoses on it if is leaking you should signs of leakage.The antifreeze should be pink in color on your model vw the other guy is right about mixing the coolants, good luck with problem long time vw tech.

  • kelly2124 03/24/11 5:25 pm PST

    I just recently had my 2003 Jetta in for service, it took 3 different services places.. they could not find anything until we want to the last place. It is called coolant migration. I believe you have the same problem. Google it.. all VW around this year have this issue and VW knows about this defect.


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