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  • paragon2 01/01/10 7:21 pm PST

    If you open the airbox and spray carb cleaner in, if the car catches but will not stay running I believe that the problem is most likely the fuel delivery system (probably the pump). If the car does not catch when doing that, then there is another problem.

    Note: No warranty, but this is how I have diagnosed fuel pump problems successfully on my personal vehicles.

  • frustrated35 01/03/10 5:00 pm PST

    sorry to hear about your problems i to have a 2002 LS with other issues. Three things a motor needs to run and thats spark, fuel and compression. Unless the motor has suffered major catastrophic failure i would rule out a compression problem. Spark could be an issue but would prob only effect a couple cylinders if it had coil pack problems like my LS and should still at least pop or try and start. I would suspect a faulty fuel pump or clogged fuel filter.If you didnt know already the fuel filter is in the drivers side wheel well and is prob the cheapest and most easy to do yourself. I know some of the older fords and lincolns also had what was called an inertia switch which was designed to shut the fuel pump off in an accident. Im not sure if the LS is equipped with one but might be something to look for considering large pot holes have been known to trip them and shut off the fuel pump. At any rate good luck and hope you get it running...

  • dglasscock 06/12/10 9:39 am PST

    Just like paragon2 and frustrated35 point towards, check for spark and fuel. you can pull a plug, sit it on the block and have someone turn the engine over for a couple seconds and see if you get a spark. if you have a spark tester that would be better (also be aware of high pressure air released from the spark plug hole upon cranking) If you have spark then you might check the fuel system (be aware even with spark, doesn't mean the timing didn't jump, check #1 piston tdc to the harmonic balancer timing mark also). A pressure gauge on the shrader valve located on the fuel rail will indicate the fuel pressure, also you should hear the fuel pump run for about a second when the ignition is turned on (electric fuel pump only). If there is no sound you may have a bad fuel pump or loss of electrical (if you have a repair manual it will show the schematic and all points of concearn in the path to the fuel pump). If the fuel pump comes on there should be fuel pressure on the rail, if not it could be the fuel rail regulator or clogged fuel filter. Give us some feedback from these tests!


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