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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/09/11 3:57 pm PST

    During body control module (BCM) related service, the procedures below are designated to set-up the BCM correctly. Before you start, read these procedures carefully and completely.



    • The BCM will not function properly if the Setup New BCM procedure is not performed.
    • Make sure the battery is fully charged before performing the setup procedure.
    • Make sure all disconnected devices and connectors have been reconnected
    • Perform the Theft Deterrent Re-learn procedure after successfully finishing the Setup New BCM procedure. Refer to Programming Theft Deterrent System Components in Theft Deterrent. If the Theft Deterrent Re-learn procedure is not performed after a BCM replacement, the following conditions may occur:
    • The vehicle will not be protected against theft by the PASSLOCK system.
    • The engine will not crank nor start.

    1. Connect a scan tool to the data link connector (DLC).
    2. Turn the ignition switch ON.
    3. Select Diagnostics and input all of the required data when prompted by the scan tool.
    6. Select New VIN and input all required data.
    7. Exit back to the SPECIAL FUNCTIONS menu.
    9. The scan tool will display DO YOU WANT TO SETUP A BODY CONTROL MODULE? At the prompt, select SETUP BCM hotspot on the scan tool.
    10. The scan tool will display: NOW SETTING UP THE NEW BODY CONTROL MODULE.
    11. When the BCM has been setup successfully, the scan tool will display: BODY CONTROL MODULE SETUP IS COMPLETE.
    12. Exit back to the SPECIAL FUNCTIONS menu.
    13. Select Point of Sale in this menu.
    14. Input all of the required data when prompted by the scan tool.
    15. Exit back to the SET OPTIONS menu.
    16. Select Option Configuration.
    17. Input all of the required data when prompted by the scan tool.
    18. When the BCM, VIN, Point of Sale and Option Configuration have been entered, proceed with the Theft Deterrent Re-learn procedure.
    19. If the scan tool displays UNABLE TO PROGRAM BCM. BCM IS SECURED, then the BCM must be replaced and this procedure must be repeated on a new BCM.

    NOTE: After the above procedure has been completed, personalization of the BCM defaults to a default setting. Inform the customer that the personalization settings must be set again.

    IMPORTANT: After programming, perform the following to avoid future misdiagnosis:

    1. Turn the ignition OFF for 10 seconds .
    2. Connect the scan tool to the data link connector.
    3. Turn the ignition ON with the engine OFF.
    4. Use the scan tool in order to retrieve history DTCs from all modules.
    5. Clear all history DTCs.

  • Stever@Edmunds 05/09/11 8:48 pm PST

    You can reply in this thread by clicking the Answer this Question button and that will help keep all the information in one spot. Thanks!

  • stevensumners 05/10/11 8:27 pm PST

    Thanks for the very detailed description on how to program/flash the bcm. I need that, but also what diagnostic tool is the cheapest to buy and still be able to flash my bcm. thanks

  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/11/11 1:01 am PST

    Hmmm...you should ask the manufacturer or vendor about that---i really don't know what you plan to buy so I can't say. there are so many choices!

    Have you considered just having an independent shop do this for you. I don't think it costs very much to do the programming---certainly cheaper than a really good scan tool.

  • stevensumners 05/11/11 9:16 pm PST

    Yes, I have called to see what it would cost me to have them do it. It's about the same price as a cheap ebay scanner. But i was also thinking that i could maybe change the mileage i get with the scanner too.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/11/11 10:51 pm PST

    Well okay a scanner is a good thing to have. You have to be careful what kind of scanner you buy---some can only do very basic things. If you go to places like OReilly or Autozone, they have displays with different types of scanners on it, and they tell you what the scanner can and can't do.


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