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  • numb3rz 02/23/13 12:18 pm PST

    I lost the low beams on an old Datsun once. They were both burned out. Got home using the high beams and irritated a few fellow motorists. Replace one of the lamps to verify this isn't your problem. I have found that headlights fail fairly close together. If one fails, the other one isn't far behind. Not necessarily the same month, but usually the same year.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/23/13 12:35 pm PST

    Could be a number of things--easiest place to start is the fuse box.

    If they check out, then I'd get a test light, pull of each headlamp socket and see if you have any current going to them.

    If you do, then as the other poster suggests, the beams are shot.

    If you have no current, then you'll have to look at:

    headlight relay
    stalk switch for headlights
    break in wiring

  • kf57 02/23/13 1:37 pm PST

    If your high beams work and your fuse is good . It is possible that you need to replace your headlight bulbs. I've had the same problem with my Probe. Both bulbs went out at the same time. Replaced the headlights and they worked. kf57


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