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  • 0patience 01/24/08 8:02 pm PST

    Fuse F30 (10Amp) is for the taillights, fuse F59 (7.5Amp) is for the dash lights. Check to see if you have power to those fuses.
    Looking at them won't tell you if you have power to them or not, so confirm that there is battery voltage to the fuses.

    Check the headlight switch connector and see if it looks melted.
    If it does, then the headlight switch and connector are your problem.

  • bpari005 01/24/08 11:22 pm PST

    do your head lights come on? if so it is less likely that it is the switch. Standard procedure is to check every fuse in the car individually by pulling it out and visually inspecting. Sometimes the problem lies in a poorly described fuse location. Check under the hood and in the passenger compartment fuseboxes. hopefully its just a fuse.

  • kylenevar 08/01/08 8:16 pm PST

    I also have a focus wagon the same year. I had the same problem. i checked all grounds, fuses and switches. they were all fine. i then knew it had to be the wires between the switch and the lights themselves. i followed the wires tearing of interior plastic pannels and found the solution. there is a connector located behind the left rear pannel exactly opposite the fuel door right next to the left rear tail light. this connector holds all the wires that runs all electronics in the rear of the vehicle. i noticed that several wires in the connector were burned out. i then cut out the connector and soldered the wires together ( one color wire to the same color ) eliminating the connector. that solved the problem. i then wondered what caused the shorts. i looked around and found a rubber plug was missing from a large hole hovering directly over the left rear tire. that plug not being there threw dirt, salt and water up at the connector shorting it out. you should check behind that panel and pull the connector apart and look to make sure the plug is in tact.

  • harrybrecher 09/21/12 7:20 pm PST

    I signed up specially to tell you this (be greatful lol). My mate had the same problem on his focus. I found the problem. You need to reboot the comp. Simply follow:

    1. Disconnect the negative from the battery terminal
    2.remove the passenger kick pannel
    3.Get a 12M socket and remove the wiring harness box. Looks like this:
    4. Leave it 10 minutes
    5. Reattatch the box
    6. Reconnect the earth

    Your problem should be fixed :)

    Source: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/to


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