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  • onayragu 03/16/09 9:11 pm PST

    I don't have an answer to this question, but I am watching it. I have a 2002 TT; and yes, my glass window separates at each bottom corner location. I might be looking for a way to glue it back; or buy a new one. They run new for $500 on eBay, not including the labor.

  • azarita 02/24/10 12:11 am PST

    On my audi TT quattro/2001 convertible, the rear glass separated from top as well....i was told by audi dealer it will cost me about 3700 dolares (part 2600+labor 1100)....it,s insane!!!...I think this is a manufacturing problem and AUDI OF AMERICA CORP should pay for it...i,m looking for more AUDI owners with this problem, The Audi service advisor in my City told me about several cases that he has been aware of....

  • lfbrown 08/22/13 5:29 pm PST

    We have a 2001 Audi TT and the window also separated from the top. After researching it, we decided to replace it with a GAHH top at an automotive trim shop that the Audi dealership sent us to and it cost $2,000 plus tax. It has a lifetime warranty because they make the tops differently and they don't come apart. Audi's tops are defective and I agree that Audi of America should be responsible. I called them, but they refused to do anything and told me to call the dealer. We need to start a class action lawsuit against Audi of America! Is there anyone else who is interested in starting this class action lawsuit?


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