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  • karjunkie 09/14/08 1:36 pm PST

    First check the fuse to see if it is OK. If not you may need to test the resistor. The blower motor resistor is located on the back of the blower motor housing under the dash on the passenger side. It can be difficult to get at, but it is doable. If the resistor is OK (test it while you have the motor out), you need to replace the blower motor.

  • imidazol97 01/01/09 4:47 pm PST

    If the noise it made was like something hitting the squirrel cage blades that move the air, you should open the hood, look under the windshield wiper on the passenger side for the two little clips that are the door to the cabin filter. TAke out the filter, if one is installed, and look down in with a flashlight to see if something has gotten down where the fan is to block it from rotating. You might try turning the blades to see if they rotate freely.

    If it made noise that was like bearings your probably have to replace the fan motor. Parts are available cheap and then there are more expensive ones from a dealer or rockauto.com or gmpartsdirect.com or your dealer.

    Two screws on the black plastic above the passenger's knees take off the plastic panel.

    There are three screws holding on the fan motor above the passenger's toes. Someone said that pulling the carpet out of the way gives a little more room to get the fan motor and squirrel cage out.

    It could be blower motor control module that the power goes through to control the motor speed. But since you said it was making noise, that's low on the list.

    You can try taking off the hush panel and bumping the motor with the key and AC unit turned on and see if the fan starts working. The commutators/brushes wear out and quit making contact as one form of failure.

  • dan1254 12/23/11 5:11 pm PST

    I have a similar problem with my 2003 LeSabre. The heater/ac fan stalls but if you spin the fan blade with your hand it will start working (every time) then it's good to go until a time or 2 later when you start the car again and the same problem occurs. Sometimes the problem goes away but comes back a while later. It's as if the fan stops in a bad postion where it cannot start even thought it apparently has power. Sometimes it will get running on it's own if you hit a bump or air passes through on the vent positon when the car is moving fast. I believe the fan motor has a poor connection to the battery which is under the back seat. It seems to run stronger when the engine is running. Also when you run the fan on fast speed it sounds as if it's running "rough." Also the car sat in Florida in the hot sun for a number of years while it wasn't used. I will probably take it to my mechanic for repair. Anyone have any other ideas on this problem?

  • dan1254 01/17/12 8:04 pm PST

    I have some additional notes on the heater fan motor problem. Since the motor quit again, I took off the plastic cover above the passenger side floor to have a look around and then disconnected the power plug. All this with the power off and the key out. I noticed that the contacts were clean so re-connected them. I also noticed that on the bottom of the heater fan motor was an Achilles' heel of sorts. It's a small hole at the bottom in which you can push in with your finger and feel some movement. The next time I started the car it ran fine for quite some time. About a week later the problem returned so I again took out the igntion key and pushed on the bottom of the motor and 'presto,' the heater fan motor's been running fine ever since. There's an old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." For now anyway. That's all on the LeSabre heater fan motor....


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