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  • karjunkie 11/14/08 7:13 am PST

    First off. if you have a leaking power brake booster vacuum hose, you can replace it yourself for less than 5 dollars. It is the hose that runs from the intake manifold to the brake booster. If you do not have hard braking or hear any hissing when you press the brakes there is probably nothing wrong with it. If you go to most Auto Zone or Advanced Auto Parts stores, they will sell you the hose and show you where it goes. Try this first as a 2003 vehicle should not need a new booster or master cylinder. While at the store, ask them to hook up an OBD II reader and check for problem codes to narrow down the stalling problem. If the stalling continues after any necessary repair to the hose, there are some additional stuff you can do yourself. First, change the air filter. Next, you may have a clogged EGR and/or PCV valve. They are part of the emission control system that recirculates unburned gases to provide complete use of the fuel. The PCV valve is usually located in the valve cover and runs via rubber hose to the intake manifold. It is inexpensive and can be replaced very easily. The EGR valve is also connected to the intake manifold and can be removed and cleaned with throttle body spray cleaner. You may also need to run some fuel injector cleaner through a few tanks of gas to clean the fuel injectors as they will clog over time and provide hesitation and poor gas mileage. I recommend you use Techron Concentrate which is the best brand in my opinion. One important thing to note going forward is always buy tier one gasoline as it has additives to keep these parts clean. I only use Shell or Chevron as they have the best additives. Good luck!


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