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  • MrShift@Edmunds 07/12/10 1:54 pm PST

    1. Remove and reposition the underhood electrical center.
    2. Remove the front end sheet metal diagonal brace.
    3. Remove the battery ground (negative) cable from the battery.
    4. Remove the battery positive cable from the battery.

    1. Remove the battery hold down retainer.
    2. Remove the battery. IMPORTANT: Do not tip the battery more than 40 degrees .

    1. Remove the battery insulator from the battery.

  • ray80 07/12/10 2:11 pm PST

    In addition to what Mr Shifty has said, based on my experiance with similar vehicle, the bolt that holds the fuse box in position may screw into clip on fender (clip that has been known to jump into the fender, never to be found again) so be careful. Also you may need a very long extension to get to hold down bolt.

  • jflongan 07/12/10 6:59 pm PST

    Need to remove hardware holding fusebox also remove the fender brace remove negative cable first then positive cable remove battery hold-down bolt tilt battery on end and remove from fender well area

  • bobloblah 04/30/15 7:13 am PST

    01May15.....When I saw how ' difficult ' it was to get at the battery terminals on this model vehicle, I chose NOT to buy one. After all, imagine during the winter time having to require a ' boost ' and after the tow truck comes watching them go through all this to get your car engine started.....all-the-while the costs are mounting.

    Whoever invented this method would Never work for Henry Ford.


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