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  • ragamuffin65 11/01/11 9:47 am PST

    Your Passlock Realy/Sensor is going bad. The only way to fix it is to replace the ignition switch assembly which has a new Passlock Sensor/Relay. You have to take the steering wheel off. FIRST YOU MUST REMOVE THE NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE!!! Remove the plastic shroud that covers the steering column There are three bolts on the bottom of the shroud, and carefully pull it apart and get it out of your way. There are two spring clips on the back side of the steering wheel that hold the airbag in place. (be patient with these) accessed through the two holes in the plastic cover on the back of the steering wheel. Once you get the airbag off, unclipped the three wires connected to the airbag, set the airbag off to the side face up. Make some alignment makes on the inside of the steering wheel so you can put it back on the way it came off. Make sure your front wheels are pointed straight first! Once the steering wheel is out of the way you need to unclip the connector on the bottom of the Passlock Relay/Sensor (It should be a GREEN plastic connector.) Next, remove the three bolts that hold the "donut" for the airbag and carefully slide the "donut" off of the steering shaft. Then romve the srews holding the bracket behind the "donut".You also have to remove the shear bolt that hold the Ignition Switch Assembly in. ( It looks like a domed rivet on the top of the Ignition Switch Assembly) You can use a screw extractor if you like. Before removing the Ignition Switch Assembly, insert your ignition key and turn it to the ACC position, locate the hole on the front side of the assembly, using a small screw driver or punch, press in the catch pin that holds the Ignition Lock Assembly in place and pull it out using your key. After you get the shear bolt out, there is a bracket that goes over the top of the steering column that holds the Ignition Switch Assembly on the steering shaft. Place the bracket on you new assembly,and insert the shear bolt. Reassemble everything, hook up all connectors, and reconnect the negative battery cable.


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