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  • texases 07/06/08 1:28 pm PST

    If it says 'use premium only', I'd do that. That has a very high output engine, so you'd do well to stick to the requrement. If it said 'recommended', then regular might be worth a try.

  • patrick88 07/10/08 11:58 am PST

    Stay with the Premium, your engine requires a higher octane rating. If you really wanted to, run the vehicle down to just about empty and throw in a couple of gallons of the other stuff just to see the preformance drop. I wouldn't do this though because you are possibly setting yourself up for pings, knocks and preformance drops, not to mention possible engine effects later on. The money you will save on using lesser grade gas, will be used on engine repairs if you do this.
    As a side note, check to see what the manufacture requires on octane rating and check the other grades (i.e regular, high or whatever the gas stations are selling) and see if one of the others falls within that rating and use it.

    off topic: how do you like the RX-8? I had a RX7 (85) and loved it, so did the tree that took it out when I was dodging a car coming out of a driveway.

  • deaun 01/03/09 10:43 pm PST

    Patrick88 is right about the possible "engine effects later on"; I used mid-grade ONE time (they were out of Premium, and I didn't have enough gas to make the next station 50 miles away).

    It cost $240 to tow the car to the shop the next day and have the dealer pull the tank, clean it out, clean the lines, filters, injectors, etc. of all the sludgy crap that it left behind.

    Stay with the premium--mileage will stay higher and performance will be perfect.

  • dawniedoo 12/17/10 12:08 pm PST

    I just want to say Thanks for all the postings.....I had the same question, and am car illiterate..LOL...so this was very helpful.....Thank You all!


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