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  • colin_l 07/29/09 12:26 am PST

    It's very likely that you'll have to remove the stereo from the dash and manually eject the cd. Basically you will pry it carefully out of the transport mechanism. Usually they are open on the top, but if not, you'll probably still get it out one way or another if you *really* want that cd back.

    You probably need a new stereo. They rarely jam like this just once. It'll probably eat another disc either immediately or in due time if you do get this one out.

  • Stever@Edmunds 07/29/09 12:55 am PST

    Try pulling the fuse. There are some other things to try in the Removing a Stuck CD Guide.

  • colin_l 07/29/09 12:58 am PST

    Whoa, that's a nice guide. :)

  • tony78 07/29/09 1:15 am PST

    The error code that is flashing is the code that is telling you that the cd is stuck,,,duh !,,somebody slap that engineer.

  • Stever@Edmunds 07/29/09 1:50 am PST

    Thanks Colin_l . And sometimes one of the tricks even work. :-)

    Maybe Vojtsek will report back and let us know.


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