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  • scanman1 03/27/11 7:31 am PST

    You have to have it checked with a scanner with that software to find out what codes are in it. ABS is associated with the traction system to. To be truthful with you it needs to go to the dealer unless you have a shop with the right scanners, Any way you look at it you might have to pay for a diagnostic.

  • laltazan 03/27/11 7:58 am PST

    Many GM products will illuminate the stability control light along with the check engine light. If the check engine light is also on, service that first. If not, several things can cause this light from a sensor that is unplugged/bad to a failed module. Any competent shop with a Tech II or equivalent scan tool can check the system for you.

  • mayorwalsh 12/03/11 3:50 pm PST

    our 08 Uplander dash/ abs & other related lights are on, computer at parts store shows nothing wrong. Can anyone help figure this problem out, thanks


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