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  • texases 06/22/12 4:54 pm PST

    What type of oil is specified in the owners manual? If it is synthetic, then they need to replace the oil with the correct oil, you pay the difference in price. You don't want to put your warranty at risk.

  • morin2 06/22/12 5:03 pm PST

    Have you looked in your owner's manual? The oil specification will be listed under oil changes or under specifications, along with the grade of oil to be used.

    If you used one of those quickie lube shops, reconsider that practice. If you are unable to change your own oil, use a qualified mechanic at an independent shop or your Toyota dealer (they often have online coupons for common services like oil changes which brings the cost down to what the quickie-lube places charge).

    If the correct grade was used, there "might" not be a problem. But do not follow an extended service interval with the cheap oil used at one of those quickie lube joints. If the incorrect oil was used and you do not have it corrected, then your warranty might not apply if there is (unlikely) engine damage. And yes, the dealer could have an oil analysis performed and he would know if the oil is not correct.

    You must take charge of your vehicle service and ask specifically for the type and grade of oil to be used. Sometimes, even the dealer will use the wrong grade of oil and you must then insist that it be drained and the correct oil put in while you watch.

    The only way you know a job is done right is to do it yourself. The next best thing is to buy your own oil and filter and watch the mechanic install them.


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