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  • morin2 01/04/13 6:28 pm PST

    Unfortunately, the answer depends on so many variables that it is impossible to answer definitively. How long tires last depends on many factors. The most important is how the vehicle is driven. One person may get only 20K miles out of a set of tires while the next may get 80K miles on the same tire model on the same vehicle. I've bought many new cars and the fewest miles I have gotten from a set of original tires has been over 50K miles. The most has been 200 miles shy of 100K miles. But I drive gently. My son, on the other hand, has replaced OEM tires at under 20K miles.

    Generally, you want to replace the OEM tires when their performance noticeably degrades. That can occur long before the Lincoln's head penny guide would suggest they are due for replacement.

    Within a make, you can use the tire wear rating as a guide. A tire with a 500 treadwear rating should last twice as long as a model within the same maker as one rated 250. However, treadwear is only one of many factors to use when selecting a tire. I recommend www.tirerack.com for more information. Your new tires will last longer is you drive gently, keep them inflated to the pressure shown on your door post, and rotate them every 7500 miles.


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