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  • ray80 12/28/12 10:15 am PST

    Couple things I can think of. If the vehicle is very new (less then a couple thousand miles) it may be the suspension components are still a little stiff and need more break-in time.

    Also if the 19 are optional for this vehlcle they may be lower profile and more subject to harshness (LESS SIDEWALL AIR CUSHION)

  • hhybrid 12/28/12 11:32 am PST

    Car has less than 600 miles. Tires are the same profile as my RX400h. Car just needs more gentle roll on the bumps.

  • ray80 12/28/12 12:09 pm PST

    While I can't speak to your specifc ride, I would be inclined to get more miles on it to see how it does.

    Our newest vehicle bought in Feb off 11' did not offer a pleasant ride at all on even 'gentle' frost heaved roads the first year, much improved now.

    If it doesn't get better in time a smaller diameter wheel with appropriate tires (with more sidewall height) may be better.

  • kss2 11/12/13 3:39 pm PST

    We recently bought a 2013 Toyota Highlander (2wd) and I HATE the ride. It sways a good bit-we feel sea sick in the car and like we've been on a boat for a while when we get out of the car. I took it into the dealership where we purchased the car-3 times. The 3rd time it was there the Toyota rep was supposedly there and they discovered that my front right tire had significant "lateral runnout". They supposedly replaced that tire and when I picked it up it ran even rougher than when I dropped it off. Now in addition to too much sway, it's also bumby-as if it had a flat tire-only not quite that bad. Any suggestions?


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