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  • docj 03/07/09 10:57 pm PST

    Sounds like a fuel pump failure.
    You say its still firing after it dies,i take it ,it has spark.

    Test the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge when the problem is present.

    Autozone rents these gauges


    Doc J

  • dlfrand 12/04/09 11:17 pm PST

    Check the gas tank for rust or other debris that may be sucked up from the bottom of the tank onto the fuel pump screen, after 10 to 12 minutes the suction would be low enough that the stuff fell back to the bottom of the tank.
    I had a car with a similar problem and couldn't figure it out, in despair I toke the gas tank down emptied it and shock it, I was amazed what came out of it. Who knows what people get into their tanks. Mine was rust probably from not having a gas cap on.


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