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  • karjunkie 10/20/09 9:52 am PST

    Any voltmeter or multimeter can test the switch for electrical flow. There should be fuse boxes under the hood and under the dash that you can check to see if a fuse blew.

  • claysstang 10/20/09 5:12 pm PST

    I have check both fuse boxs and thier is no place for a sunroof fuse marked on the diagram that is on the lids still need help thanks

  • karjunkie 10/20/09 5:22 pm PST

    Check the PWR ACC fuse or any similarly labeled fuse. Not all Rodeos had a sunroof so it may be generically labeled.

  • claysstang 10/20/09 9:03 pm PST

    ok thanks i will let you what i come up with..


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