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  • alaskanj 02/28/10 4:03 pm PST

    You need to have the system pressurized so that you can safely locate the leak without risk of being burned or hurt while the car is running. Once the system is pressurized you should be able to isolate the leak wether its still the pump or maybe the gasket was cut or not installed properly. Or maybe you have a blown head gasket....... Gotta get the system pressurized first...

  • imidazol97 03/13/10 8:58 pm PST

    You may have a leak in the plastic 90 degree angle tube that comes out of the lower intake manifold and goes into the bracket for the tensioner pulley. Those tend to develope seeps after a time.

    You might have a leak coming out of the gasket between the lower intake manifold and the heads.


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