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  • zaken1 02/20/11 7:16 pm PST

    Whenever you replace an emission control part on a 1996 or newer vehicle; it is then necessary to clear all the trouble codes that are stored in the computer. This can only be done on post 1996 vehicles with a code scanner that has the capability of clearing codes. If you don't reset the computer; the check engine light will come back on. Also, if you installed a non stock type of muffler; or changed the pipe length or diameter; this will often throw the back pressure and resonance of the exhaust system off enough to trigger the check engine light. In that case; you may have to re-install a stock muffler.

  • nikoli1987 02/20/11 7:25 pm PST

    Thanks for the input, I did clear the codes and thats how it went off. thats a huge possibilty that its non stock but I went to a shop so im really not sure.

  • 0patience 02/20/11 7:27 pm PST

    Be aware that other factors can cause the O2 sensor code, such as vacuum leak, exhaust leak, fuel problems or wire problems to the O2 sensor. As was stated, if the system is less than stock, it can also create issues with the sensor.


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