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  • tony78 04/17/09 1:06 am PST

    Before you spend any money, you might want to call the AAA guys back and tell them about the problem with your car,,,kinda seems that if the radio and the blinkers went on the frizz,,right after their man jumped it,,,it kinda seems they may be liable to get it repaired correctly.

    hope this helps.

  • confused2006 11/30/10 9:00 am PST

    Just wondering if you found out what your problem was with your HHR, the radio and no sound...we are having the same problems...

  • tdvill 12/31/13 11:20 pm PST

    Computer needs to reset, with engine off, go to rear of HHR, lift rear floor panel over spare tire/battery well. At the red battery terminal there is a red 3/8" by 3/8" square about inch long FUSE, remove and then replace ( pull out of socket count to ten approx.). After replacing fuse just start car and try radio. Hope this helps. It took my wife about 5 minutes.

  • sunffly05 10/21/15 12:21 pm PST

    Just so everybody knows there is another fuse box in the passenger compartment as well as under the hood. It's on the center console. Just pull the panel, don't worry you won't brake it. It's on the center console close to the floor board on the left side of the passenger compartment. When you pull it off you will see the radio fuse.

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