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  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/19/08 11:57 am PST

    Tell us the year make model and engine, and the symptoms, such as when it happens (cold engine only, cold or hot, low speeds only, highway speeds, etc.). You can start a new question or you can respond here by clicking on "Answer This Question"

  • getsidetracked 08/29/08 7:27 am PST

    I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee, straight 6, 4.0L that usually reads high for oil pressure, even when the level of oil is right. It is usually 3/4 of the way high on the dial, whether its hot or cold, new or old oil. It sometimes goes down a little bit when it's pretty warm and I'm on the highway. What does this mean?
    I didn't ask the original question, but perhaps you can help. Thanks!

  • WVDragonLady 11/22/08 11:15 pm PST

    Hi! I have an '02 Jeep Liberty 3.7L V6 with 111,000 miles. Yesterday the oil pressure light came on when I stopped at a redlight. As soon as I took off again it went off. This happened a couple more times with the light staying on for just a few seconds. I bought an oil sending unit & had it installed along with a fresh oil change with new filter. It was fine until I hit the highway. Now the oil pressure light comes on when the engine rpm's go over 2000, usually around 38 to 40 mph. I let it coast downhill (engine running, of course!) & it reached 45 mph without the light coming on & the rpm at just over 1000. Tomorrow I'm getting an oil pressure gauge installed. I've been told that it could be sludge clogging the screen but I've changed the oil every 3000 miles with a new filter every other time. They also suggested bad gas but I get my gas at a variety of stations. They can't all be bad?!? I am very worried about this 'cause this is my main vehicle for winter driving. The weather has been cold & snowy lately. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • merisey 12/19/09 4:02 pm PST

    No help but having the same problem as the one above.... I had a pressure guage on mine and it is hitting 80psi at idle.

  • captkirk2007 02/02/11 10:31 am PST

    I had the same problem with my 2002 Jeep Liberty after I replaced the oil pressure sending unit with an after market product. There apparently are two oil pressure sending units for the Jeep and you have to be sure you getting the unit for either the oil pressure gauge or the oil pressure light depending upon what you have. I solved the problem by buying the much more expensive unit from the Jeep Dealer.

    Source: personal experience with the same problem


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