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  • karjunkie 01/22/09 3:44 pm PST

    Some manufacturers now claim that their transmissions are "sealed for life" and good for 100K miles. If you go to http://www.edmunds.com/maintenance/sele
    you can see what the specific recommended maintenance schedule is for your specific vehicle. My own view is that you should change the ATF fluid and filter at least every 30K miles or every 2 years whichever occurs first. A $100 fluid and filter change is a lot cheaper than a $2-3,000 transmission replacement. If you plan to keep your car for several more years, I would get the fluid and filter changed. If you change the fluid to a compatible synthetic ATF fluid, you can probably go 60K miles on it and it should shift and work a lot smoother. Good luck on whatever you decide!


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