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  • MrShift@Edmunds 09/10/10 9:03 pm PST

    Sounds like the problem is with the mechanic, not the car. Do you know what the code is? Maybe we can tell you something about it. Sometimes it is a common error to presume that the code tells you the exact part to replace. This is not the case. No car computer can do that (yet).

    Given that the light was intermittent, my guess is that they repaired the wrong part, reset the light, pronounced it fixed, when in fact, it just came on again like it did the last 4 times.

    Statistically, the Prius is one of the most trouble-free cars ever made in history.

  • whitey9 09/29/10 7:47 am PST

    I agree with the Host. It would be much better if the exact fault code was known. Meanwhile, make sure you are doing your part by NOT re-fueling with the engine running, and always tighten the fuel cap until it "clicks". That is prolly the most you can do without knowing the exact code.


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