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  • madmanmoo 01/11/08 4:12 pm PST

    A lease is actually tougher to get approved on than a normal financing loan. I DOUBT that you'll be able to make it happen even with a cosigner. It all depends on your specific credit as well, but in my experience, this would be a tough one.

    I'm assuming you've already contacted a dealer. If not, put it in their lap. They would certainly welcome all opportunities to sell a vehicle.

    Good luck!

  • greanpea68 01/11/08 5:27 pm PST

    Toyota/Lexus would be the one who makes that decision. Leases are tougher to get bought with someone who has bad credit but Toyota is financing everyone these days. The persone would have to have outstanding credit. They may not want you on the lease but the bank will decide that.

    Your best bet would be finace it for a year or so and tahn trade it in and get a lease. Most people want to lease because of the lower payments which may be where you are coming from.

    My father always told me "you can't have champagne tastes with beer pockets" . I found out he was right.

    GO to a dealer let them do the work and get a response from the bank. I wish you good luck!


  • kiawah 01/13/08 10:29 am PST

    Your need to fix your credit rating, so why are you trying to get such an expensive vehicle. Be prudent and downsize your vehicle, use the difference in $$'s to pay off/down your existing debt faster, get your credit score up, and in the future you can look at a Lexus if you still want to spend your money that way.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/13/08 12:56 pm PST

    I think you are motoring down the Highway to Hell here. Leases can be tricky enough without packing them with co-signers and a shaky credit rating. You realize of course that up front money on a lease is gone forver, you'll never see any equity back. So I'd use that up front money to pay down the cards, THEN work on a lease deal that doesn't penalize you for bad credit or involve a co-signer. Remember your co-signer is responsible for the ENTIRE DURATION of the lease, so if you default, they are totally screwed on backing up a lease gone bad.

    I just don't like the sound of this whole plan for you. Retreat, regroup and re-think would be my advice, offered with the best intentions.

  • SuperbAutos 11/28/08 2:40 pm PST

    If you have a co-singer i dont see why there sould be a problem getting approved. if you want i work in superb auto leasing and you can give me call at the office 718-233-2660 direct line my name is Uriel. If you want i can get you approved with no problem for the is250 Lexus

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