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  • texases 11/12/12 10:44 pm PST

    Sounds good, but I would have the chassis checked out the rust. If the suspension or the suspension attachments are badly corroded safety will be at risk.

  • dollarbill1961 11/13/12 12:42 am PST

    Yes I will get it checked out. I can see alot of rust on the chassis already just looking through the wheelwell. My neighbor is building a jeep from the ground up and I am going to have him take a look. Hopefully, its superficial and a cheap fix. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  • dollarbill8181 11/21/12 12:40 pm PST

    I did not get a good deal!! The control arms are rotted, motor mounts are rotted, there is oil all over the underside of the motor!! BUYER BEWARE!! I have a 2500 dollar lawn ornament! The previous owner is stating that he knew nothing of this problem but managed to have it inspected last febuary. I am glad I have high rubber boots because the st%$fs getting deeper.


  • texases 11/21/12 1:18 pm PST

    Sorry to hear that. I had heard of rust problems with those T100 pickups, you should check into the possibility of some help from Toyota. But that's a big "if". I hope others can use your story to justify getting (and paying for) a 'pre purchase inspection'. It's worth it.

  • Stever@Edmunds 11/21/12 5:30 pm PST

    You may want to think about small claims court; could be that the seller knew about the rust. The Consumer Protection department may be able to help.

  • dollarbill8181 11/21/12 7:42 pm PST

    Thank you for your replies in regards to my 96 T-100. How could the seller not know how bad the rust problem was? There is a 2013 inspection sticker on the truck and it expires in Febuary. Every time I have had an inspection done,the mechanic would put my truck on the lift to check the brakes. You tube has so many videos of the T-100 rust problems and I am glad I am not the only one. As far as Toyota corporate is concerned, I did call today to register a complaint and I will not go away! I will call every day until I talk to the CEO! Also I will complain to the NTSB about the problem and try to get all the other t-100 owners together and unite! And to everybody else out there about to buy a used vehicle--- GET A MECHANIC TO CHECK IT OUT FIRST!! I am living proof how someone can take advantage and sell you a potential death trap! Do it for your family,my family,and everybody elses family! I am going to take this guy to court because he failed to put "as is no warranty" on my bill of sale and I m also going to contact the Consumer protection people. Thank you all once again, I like Edmunds,and happy Thanksgiving to you all! Bill.


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