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  • canddmeyer 09/08/08 12:42 am PST

    I don't know why you'd buy a vehicle needing maintenance before it left the lot, but I'll answer your question. Take it to a Jeep dealer to scan the code and they'll advise what, if anything, needs to be repaired. Might be software, might be expensive, but you won't know until it's looked at. Hopefully the airbag will function should it be needed between now and then.

  • tony78 09/08/08 12:47 am PST

    When the dealership says that they dont know why the air bag light stays on,,,,that should of been the hint ( Red Flag ) that either they are a bunch of dumb bells,,liars,,or a pack of thieves,,,and you should of taken your buisness elsewhere.

    Apparently if the air bag light stays on,,then you have a malfuction somewhere in the system.

    Repairing the airbag system takes specialized tools and procedures to diagnose system failures,,the repair should be performed by a qualified technician.

    Failure to follow safety warnings could result in severe injury and or death.


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