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  • Stever@Edmunds 08/26/12 11:42 pm PST

    I don't think extended warranties are worth it but if you decide you want one, I'd wait until the end of the factory warranty gets close. An extended warranty really won't do you much good until the factory warranty runs out anyway and a lot can happen in a year or three.

    When you do get ready to buy, check the internet. Some dealers (at least in the US) sell them online (or did - I think Honda was trying to shut those sales down) and it may be cheaper to buy one online than what your dealer charges.

    And be sure you get a genuine Honda extended warranty if you do get one.

    Enjoy the new ride!


  • morin2 08/27/12 6:55 am PST

    As Steve pointed out, you'll have plenty of time to buy a cheaper extended warranty from Honda later. You'll have to be firm in declining it at the vehicle point of sale. Expect lots of persistent sales pressure, as the profit from the extended warranty can exceed the profit from the sale of the vehicle. If you decline and they persist, get up to leave. That does the trick.

    You're considering a reliable vehicle - that argues against the need for extended warranties.

  • texases 08/27/12 9:55 am PST

    I wouldn't buy one, either. Yours is a very reliable model. The dealer may push you hard to buy one, that's where they make LOTS of profit. Just say no, repeatedly.

    With your low amount of driving, just make sure you follow the "XXXX km or Y months, whichever comes first" guidelines in your owners manual, particularly in regard to oil changes. Lots of short drives are hard on the oil.


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