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  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/31/13 4:23 pm PST

    You have to be careful about the 2.5L Subaru engine, as they are prone to head gasket failure, especially at about 110,000 miles on up. So if there's no record of the gaskets having been done, you'd better take it to a Subaru specialist to be checked out. This problem is quite widespread and almost a sure thing once the miles pile up.

  • morin2 02/01/13 9:52 pm PST

    I agree with Mr. Shiftright. Avoid the RS because it only comes with the slightly quicker 2.5. Instead, consider the Impreza L up to year 2001, as it comes with the bullet-proof 2.2 engine. Not only is that engine not prone to head gasket failure, it is an excellent engine for you to learn to do your own routine maintenance. I can't think of a car with an easier to change oil filter, plugs, or fuel filter.

    The insurance should also be cheaper on the L model than on the RS for a young driver.


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